AC Installation in Bellaire, TX

AC Installation in Bellaire, TX and Surrounding Areas

Did you know that an inefficient air conditioning system in summer can cost a homeowner hundreds extra per year in utility bills? Avatex Service Company understands the importance of reliably maintaining your AC system. With temperatures rising, now is the ideal time to have us insperunning ct your equipment to ensure everything is in good working order before extreme heat arrives. 

We offer financing options like our partnership with Wisetack, which provides no hidden fees and a streamlined application process. Whether you require a basic unit or want the latest intelligent home-enabled cooling technology, we have a solution. Our licensed technicians will handle permitting and ensure a safe, tidy installation.

Don’t wait until your AC quits on the hottest day to call us – contact us today to schedule an AC  installation in Bellaire, TX. We aim to keep you comfortable while saving on utility bills through routine maintenance and quality service you can count on.

Keep Your Cooling System Operating at Peak Performance

Avatex Service Company provides best-in-class air conditioning installation services to homeowners throughout Bellaire. Our technicians are fully capable of handling both residential and light commercial projects of any size. We ensure the utmost care, attention to detail, and use of high-quality components to deliver optimal comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

Central AC System Installation

Our technicians conduct a thorough load calculation to appropriately size the equipment for your home’s square footage and insulation levels. We handle the installation process, from mounting the air handler and running ductwork to connecting the outside condensing unit. We also assist with ensuring proper drainage for the condensate line. All work meets the latest energy efficiency codes and standards for optimal performance.

Ductless/Mini Split System Installation

If ductwork installation isn’t possible or desired, we offer ductless mini-split heat pump systems. These feature an indoor wall-mounted evaporator unit that connects to an outdoor condensing unit. We have experience installing multi-zone splits that allow independent temperature control for different areas. All installations include system design, equipment mounting, refrigerant piping, drainage, and electrical connections. We ensure proper evacuation and charging for maximum efficiency.

Standalone Room Unit Installation

Smaller windows and portable or wall-mount AC units are convenient when whole-home cooling isn’t needed. We ensure proper mounting and installation kits, secure electrical, and install necessary drain lines according to specifications. The proper placement is addressed for optimal airflow.

New Thermostat Installation

We offer various WiFi-enabled and programmable smart thermostat options that allow easy temperature adjustments from anywhere. Experienced technicians handle low-voltage wiring and programming for seamless operation. Manuals and instructions are provided.

Now that you understand our full scope of professional AC installation services get your cooling equipment serviced or replaced before temperatures soar. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation and estimate. Our experienced technicians assess your needs, recommend the right equipment size, and provide upfront pricing. 

Why Choose Avatex Service Company for your AC Installation Needs in Bellaire?

With years in business and thousands of successful HVAC projects, Avatex Service Company has proven our expertise in air conditioning installations for Bellaire homes and businesses. As a family-owned company serving the local community, we take pride in exceptional customer service and high-quality quality.

Our installation technicians train on the latest equipment and codes and have extensive experience installing systems. Whether it’s a new central AC, ductless mini-split, or standalone unit, our team has the skills to handle any installation properly. Permits are then secured, and scheduled inspections are handled to code.

Financing assistance is available through our partner Wisetack, which offers no-fee, easy application terms. Once completed, we validate the system’s warranty and provide manuals, startup guides, and ongoing support. Emergency services are also available. Whether upgrading or building new, you can trust us to deliver impeccable AC installation services for lasting comfort. 

Stay Cool and Comfortable with Avatex

With flexible financing available and all permit work taken care of, working with Avatex Service Company is simple and stress-free. You have our guarantee of quality craftsmanship backed by the best warranties around. Certified technicians and an emergency response team mean your comfort is never compromised.

Stay comfortable this season – let our experienced professionals outfit your home with reliably performing cooling. Call or click now to get started on the services to protect your investment through summer and beyond.

Key Takeaways: AC Installation in Bellaire

  • Problem: Inefficient AC systems can cost homeowners hundreds extra per year in utility bills. A broken AC on a hot day can be a significant inconvenience.
  • SolutionAvatex Service Company offers AC installation services in Bellaire for residential and light commercial properties.


  • Central AC System Installation: Technicians calculate the load correctly to size the equipment. We handle the entire installation process, including ductwork and ensuring proper drainage.
  • Ductless/Mini Split System Installation: Ideal for situations where ductwork isn’t possible. Experienced technicians handle design and installation and ensure proper system function.
  • Standalone Room Unit Installation: Technicians ensure proper mounting, electrical connections, and drainage for portable or wall-mounted AC units.
  • New Thermostat Installation: WiFi-enabled and programmable thermostats for easy temperature control. Technicians handle wiring and programming.

Benefits of Choosing Avatex:

Exceptional customer service: Family-owned company focused on quality and service.

Highly trained technicians: Up-to-date on the latest equipment and codes.

  • Financing options: Available through Wisetack with no hidden fees.
  • Warranties and guarantees: Peace of mind with quality craftsmanship and best warranties.
  • 24/7 emergency services: Support is available whenever you need it.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured: Ensures safety, efficiency, and indoor air quality standards.

Contact Avatex Service Company today for a free consultation and quote. Let their experienced professionals keep you cool and comfortable this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most basic AC installations take 1-3 days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Ductwork installation may take longer. Our team works as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize disruption.

The installation price covers all labor, equipment, materials, permitting fees, and standard manufacturer warranties. It also includes system design, ductwork, electrical and piping connections, and startup/programming of the new unit—no hidden fees.